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## page was renamed from DEV/Web Interface

New Web Interface (Postorius)

Mailman 3 comes with a new architecture which allows for a separation between the web user interface (WUI) and the mailing list engine. In fact, you can run Mailman 3 with no WUI at all, or integrate Mailman 3 with the rest of your web site by accessing the REST admin interface via mailman.client.

For standalone systems, we are developing and shipping our own updated WUI. The original Mailman 2 user interface was designed in the late 1990's so it's clearly dated, and the technology backing it is ancient, inflexible and non-standard. Today, there are tons of great Python-based web frameworks, and of course JavaScript is all the rage today. We want a modern, good looking, well-organized WUI that can be used with Mailman 3 but is optional for those sites that want to heavily customize their use of Mailman. Thus: Postorius!

The Mailman WUI (a.k.a. Postorius) is developed on Launchpad (code, code review, and bug reports), and we discuss it on the mailman-developers mailing list. Please also see the bottom of the page for more resources (including mockups, feature suggestions, and prior work).

Please add your name to this list, and email the mailman-developers list, if you are interested in helping out!


  1. Modern, easy to use web user interface for users, list admins, and site admins.
  2. Progressive enhancement; i.e. can use JavaScript for dynamic aspects, but must remain usable for non-JavaScript browsers, and must be friendly to screen readers.

  3. WUI templates must support internationalization by allowing us to mark up translatable texts for inclusion in the gettext catalog. Technology must integrate with Python's gettext module and/or Mailman's i18n infrastructure.

  4. WUI template system must be Python-based (framework TBD) and GPLv3 compatible.
  5. JavaScript library must be GPLv3 compatible (framework TBD).

Templating systems

We chose the Django templating system. Some thoughts we were considering:

  • It would be nice to use the same templating system in the WUI and core engine. I'd like to be able to use templates for all email that Mailman sends
  • It should be friendly to Internationalization. Meaning it should be possible to extract texts from templates and add them to a gettext catalog.

  • Of course, written in Python


Status updates on the development can be found and discussed here and on the mailing list.

Wish List / Random Ideas

  • "moderate_all" option for admins: "Consider an admin that is reviewing a bunch of bounces/spam, etc. It might be handy for him to have some buttons to freeze the list (eg. moderate-all) in that context without having to navigate over to a different section to set that flag." (wacky via irc)
  • showing the Log in the WUI (C Nulk via Mailinglist)
  • allowing a user 'to be on vacation' (wacky via IRC)

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