Organizations that Use Mailman

If your organization uses Mailman and would like to advertise that, please add your name to the table below. This is an honor system, so please add yours to the appropriate list, keeping items in alphabetical order. Include all relevant information, but note that the wiki admins reserve the right to reorganize or remove entries.

The list of users has been subdivided into the following categories. Please select the one that's most appropriate for you.

Open Source Projects

Organization Listinfo Page Contact Person
Eclipse Eclipse Webmaster <webmaster NO AT HARVEST eclipse DOT org>
NTP Public Services Project Brad Knowles <knowles NO AT HARVEST ntp DOT isc DOT org>
OpenSolaris Eric Boutilier <ericb NO AT HARVEST opensolaris DOT org>
Python Barry Warsaw <barry NO AT HARVEST python DOT org>
UDO Ulf Dunkel <dunkel NO AT HARVEST udo-open-source DOT org>


Organization Listinfo Page Contact Person
Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste / Action Reconciliation
Bürgerinitiative »Autobahn B213 Nein!« Ulf Dunkel <dunkel NO AT HARVEST bi-b213 DOT de>
Dutch Students Alpine Clubs (NSAC)
eSeL - art communication Vienna
Forest and Bird Manawatu Branch William Demchick <william DOT demchick NO AT HARVEST gmail DOT com>
Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation (HOSEF)
Human Ageing Genomic Resources HAGR administrator
Life Church (Boston) Life Church List Administrator <info NO AT HARVEST lifechurchboston DOT org>
SIP Forum
Shepard Parent-Teacher Association
SOS Mitmensch - Menschenrechte und Antirassismus
Verse of the Day (scripture verse via email)
WBGU 88.1 FM
Weltladen Tübingen http://weltladen-tü Hendrik Maryns <seitenverwaltung NO AT HARVEST weltladen-tuebingen DOT de>

Educational Institutions

Commercial Organizations


Organization Listinfo Page Contact Person David Gibbs <david NO AT HARVEST midrange DOT com>

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