Mailman 3.0

This is where I am collecting the feature list and other artifacts for Mailman 3.0 which will be a major upgrade for the project. Many things that people have been wanting for years will be addressed, most notably a unified user database, true virtual domain support, and backing the Mailman data in a real database layer. From a development perspective, we will be adopting a very strict test-driven development model, utilizing modern Python technology and coding styles. The focus will be on providing core Mailman functionality through a REST API, architecturally separate components loosing communicating for better system administration and development lifecycles, while continuing the tradition of providing a turnkey solution with all the necessary parts, making it even easier to download, install, and go.

There is currently no ETA for Mailman 3, but there have been several beta releases and development is moving quickly. Contributors are welcome and encouraged! Discussions will happen on the mailman-developers mailing list. Anyone can check out and use the current development source branches. The TODO list below is not a commitment of features (unless marked with a Done ).

Development and status

Mailman 3 is essentially five projects:

The suite as a whole is currently at 3.0b5. It would be great to get a 3.0 release of the suite out during the PyCon sprints in April 2015.

Developer resources:

To Do List

Here are things we need to do before Mailman 3.0 Suite final can be released.  We started this list with the leftovers from PyCon Sprint 2013 and updated it in mid-January 2015.

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