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More ideas welcome – feel free to add ideas, or students can get in touch with us via to refine ideas and get help with their proposals.

Specific projects:

  • Scripts for migrating lists from Mailman 2.1 to Mailman 3 (including archives?)
  • Integration of (existing) search code into Mailman archives (existing search code)
  • Investigate Grackle as a new framework for the archiver.
  • NNTP access to the archives (a la Gmane)
  • Metrics
    • Collecting list metrics (when was the last thing posted, how many messages per month, how busy the list is, etc.)
    • Reporting via a pluggable dashboard
  • Mailman widgets (e.g. display of recent posts, embeddable list subscribe widget)
  • List styles (e.g. announcement list, anonymous list) plumbed through the ui and REST API.
  • Make it easier to report bugs – make a system that detects posts that are likely about bugs and searches, makes an easy link for reporting a bug using the text of the message, etc.
  • Build something to attach anti-spam stuff into the filter chains
  • Examine the interfaces (web interface, archives) and organize and build consistent CSS styles for the web UI