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titleTokio Kikuchi

It is with great sadness that we learn that one of GNU Mailman's most influential and valuable contributors, Tokio Kikuchi, passed away (English via Google Translate) on 14-Jan-2012 from cancer. He contributed much important work enabling an internationalized Mailman in general, and Japanese support in particular. Tokio Kikuchi was also influential in the Python and Apache communities as well. If you would like to add some thoughts or condolences of your own, please add them to this page: TokioKikuchi.

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If you need help...

See Where do I go for help?

  1. Search the documentation on the wiki (you might want to start with the FAQ)
  2. Search the mailing lists, particularly the mailman-users archives
  3. Visit us on IRC, we hang out in the #mailman channel on
  4. If you can't find the answer to your questions, post to the appropriate mailing list (usually Mailman Users)
  5. Posting to the wiki should be a last resort - there are many more people paying attention to the mailing lists, so you'll get answers much more quickly there!