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Content filtering

Deleting the Mailing List

Removing/deleting mailing lists is performed with the command line tool rmlist. rmlist has 2 modes of operating:

  1. Only remove the list from the admin interface. This retains archives on file system (that is, postings) but makes the list completely inaccessible to users, this removes:
    • The list itself from the web admin interface as well as for users of the list
    • List meta data:
      • Name, description, etc.
      • Policies in place (for example, list moderation settings)
      • List members
  2. Like #1 above but also removes the list archives

If list archives are retained (default behavior), the archive files are left on the file system. The Mailman administrator can still access the archives through web interface (if the URL has been bookmarked) but list users (and the list administrator) will not have access unless another web service is making the list archives accessible (for example through a search engine).

NOTE removing the list completely requires manual editing of the mail aliases file, that is, /etc/aliases

Once a list has been removed, it may be re-added with the newlist command line tool, however all information about the list (for example, description and previous members) will be missing. However the archives will then be available to all users via the web interface.

It is also possible to allow mailing list removal with the option/variable OWNERS_CAN_DELETE_THEIR_OWN_LISTS in, by default this option is disabled.