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Page: benste's GSoc 2011 - page (Development)
Me Hi - I'm one of the students who got accepted in Gsoc 2011 All my Blogposts about GSOC 2011 can be found here: Start of Program (May 24) get my A-Le…
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Page: Google Summer of Code 2011 (Development)
Google Summer of Code 2011 The GNU Mailman project is happy once again to be participating in the Google Summer of Code for the year 2011. This time, we're involved under the Python Software Foundatio…
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Page: GSoC 2011 - Conversion from Confluence wiki to Moin (Development)
Proposal (Under Construction) Abstract The main idea of this project is to convert the current wiki from Confluence (non-free) to MoinMoin, which is free and on Python. For that, it will be exported t…
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Page: How to Install MM3a7+REST+Django+APP (Development)
This How-To aims to support All Developers who want to get all 4 parts which belong to the latest mailmanweb development running on a standalone installation. Please remember that most of the branches…
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Page: Managing Translations (Development)
Managing Translations Until now, translations have been managed in a bit of a haphazard way, with me Barry often as the bottleneck. Sometimes people email diffs or tarballs, sometimes they post patche…
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Comment: More XHTML madness (Development)
The dozens of pages involved in decomposing mailman are well on their way to completion. I've engaged in some lively discussion on parsing and rendering rfc2822 and DOM manipulations and accessibility…
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Page: New Menu Structure_Layout (Development)
Existing MM2 Analysis Role Based idea original  (by Patrick) v2.3  (benste) v2.5 (benste)     (benste) Sorted by Topic (by b…
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Page: Pro - Con ACL in different Layers (WebUI) (Development)
Require user authentication in Core - and implement ACL in there Pro Con  Very secure interface  Lot's of work in the Core UI to be done  REST-API could be extended to remote clients (not Localhost on…
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