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Mailman source code branches

As of June 22, 2007, Mailman's source code is hosted on Bazaar, which allows for a proliferation of branches, both official and unofficial. This is a good thing, but it may be difficult for developers to know where to go to find interesting branches. Here then is a list of official and unofficial interesting branches.

If you have a branch that you'd like to share with people, feel free to list them below in the unofficial section only. Please don't clutter this list up with temporary, highly experimental, or private branches. In other words, include only branches that you think are interesting enough that other people might want to grab, collaborate on, or deploy. Your branches do not have to be hosted on Launchpad, but if you're looking for a place to host your branches, that can be a convenient and easy-to-use site.

For example, if you wanted to grab a copy of the current Mailman 3 development branch, you would run the following command:

Official branches

Only core developers may edit this section!

For convenience you can use the following URLs to access the official Mailman branches. If you are a member of the appropriate team on Launchpad, these URLs will translate to read/write bzr+ssh branches. If you aren't a member of the appropriate team, these URLs will translate into read-only http branches.

Branch purpose

Branch url


Mailman 2.1 maintenance



Mailman 2.2 development



Mailman 3.0 development



Administrative support




  1. You must first apply for membership to the Mailman Coders team on Launchpad. Start by creating a user id on Launchpad and then send Barry an email with your Launchpad user id. Note that Barry will only join you to the team if you're a known contributor to the Mailman project. But remember, you don't need to have write privileges to the official branches in order to create and publish your own branches!
  2. Note that you must be accepted into the Mailman Administrivia team in order to push changes to this branch.

Unofficial branches

Anyone may add branches to the bottom of this table. Only core developers may reorder these branches.


Branch purpose

Branch url



William Mead

Mailman 3.0 LMTP enhanced

Working enhancement to Mailman 3.0.0a1


Joost van Baal e.a.

PGP and S/MIME aware Mailman 2.1



Andreas Schosser

New Webinterface to Mailman 3

test case

test to integrate pylons, genshi and rest

Launchpad also provides a listing of all related branches, even those that aren't described here.


  1. LMTP server will reject mail at RCTP TO if: (a) the list doesn't exist, or (b) generic_nonmember_action is set to "reject", and the sender is not a list member. Emails to sub-addresses will pass this point, but that issue should be addressed further. We should also accept the email if "accept_these_nonmembers" matches.
  • None