Development Blog from June, 2008

Pootle is free software that aids in translating open source projects. Thanks to Cristóbal Palmer, the Mailman project now has an experimental Pootle server. We urge all translators to give this server a try so that we can decide whether to officially switch to it, try something different or keep the status quo.

The Frequently Asked Questions are now fully imported into the wiki! Or at least, all the old FAQ Wizard links have been replaced with shiny new wiki links, and many of the pages have improved formatting.

Please note when you're linking entries (especially when posting to mailing lists) that you can get short URLs from the wiki by clicking on the "Info" link for the page and looking under "Tiny Link". Some of those FAQ links can be quite long, so this can be a handy feature.

Thanks to the many people who helped clean things up, particularly Jacinta Richardson and Jason Cobill who handled a fair number of pages!